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An energy consultancy with a supply side approach to Variable Renewable Energy management

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To design and create integrated and resilient energy systems which bypass net zero solutions and technologies and deliver zero emission technologies and infrastructures.

Renewable Hydrogen Technologies Ltd. A consultancy focused on the delivery of multi-discipline, whole energy systems solutions based on Hydrogen.

With its partners and associates RHTL combines Research and Development in:

hybrid energy storage technologiesintegration of hydrogen conversion and reconversion technologies into location specific contextsdesign and development of storage system integration software and engineering design of whole energy systems.

Energy to gas to power.

Energy not captured, applied or reserved cannot be metered or accounted.

Energy storage is still regarded as a supplemental not systemic function of renewables production, a subsidiary process not a necessary energy state.

Renewable generation without a storable carrier (vector) means an endemic mismatch between renewable energy production and energy demand.

Energy conversion 'losses' into storage and back to energy (change of state and vector process) are accounted as inefficient in metred energy terms but creating energy reserves from renewable surpluses lowers the costs of renewable energy consumption, the only metric that matters.

Without vector conversion, storage and reconversion, over and under production of renewable resources are inherently wasteful ('inefficient') resulting in excessive network reinforcement, capacity market costs for fossil fuel reserve power, continued toxic emissions and C02 sequestration, curtailment and constraint expense.

In hydrogen production and storage, geophysical energy meets chemical engineering to produce dispatchable power and multi sector energy forms - transportation fuel, chemicals production, energy generation via fuel cells or turbines, industrial power.'

Narrow efficiency criticisms reflect the persistance of the hydro carbon bias in energy accounting.

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